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SSI, from Specifications to Protocol? Formally Verify Security!
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Quantifiable integrity for Linked Data on the web
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SISSI: An Architecture for Semantic Interoperable Self-Sovereign Identity-based Access Control on the Web
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Which Publications’ Metadata Are in Which Bibliographic Databases? A System for Exploration
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Attribute-based Access Control on Solid Pods using Privacy-friendly Credentials
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Using and Solid for Linked Data-based Machine-to-Machine Sales Contract Conclusion
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An Interoperable Access Control System based on Self-Sovereign Identities. master’s thesis
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Web Push Notifications from Solid Pods
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Self-verifying Web Resource Representations Using Solid, RDF-Star and Signed URIs
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Documenting the Execution of Semantically Modelled Inter-organisational Workflows on a Distributed Ledger
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Verifying the Integrity of Hyperlinked Information Using Linked Data and Smart Contracts
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Verifying the integrity of information along a supply chain using linked data and smart contracts
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